For the love of horses and passion for PRE!

International horsemediation of selected PRE for sale DRESSAGE and BREEDING

- Worldwide breeding services of merited and exclusive PRE stud stallions:

- Personally bred PRE exclusively for dressage, see VIKINGA OFFSPRING

Vikinga studfarm is located in the beautiful nature of El Escorial in Madrid, you will always be welcome to visit our horses!


For the love of horses and passion for PRE! - Vikinga Sales & Breeding

Horses for sale services

Horses for sale services - Vikinga Sales & Breeding

Special PSLusitano Ref; LIO born 2015 sold to USA 2024

Here you will find Iberian horses for sale, selected with intention of providing the best quality horses possible to our clients. All horses offered are professionally trained and bred. The horses are offered on a direct sale from the owner without middlehands to avoid double-comission rates of the price of the horse. As a neutral mediator with a big and varied selection of horses you can be sure the horses offered are personally matched and suitable for your profile. My job is to find You the perfect horse and this is also critical to the success of everyone!

Please write me an email with your profile in as much detail as possible, describe the kind of horse you are looking for so I can search the horse in case not already listed. 

You can count on professional and neutral services. Not all selected horses for sale are listed publically because of marketing reasons so please contact us privately with your request via email, whatsapp or facebook. Tel; 0034 663396619. 
See examples of HORSES FOR SALE listed here under BREEDING and DRESSAGE 
On our facebookpages; Vikinga Breeding & Dressage and Vikingapre Connected  
And videos on our YOUTUBE channel; 

Our services include arrangements of all the necessary export paperwork i.e transport and veterinarian documents. Transport costs are in addition to the cost of Your horse and are arranged between You and the transportation company. We help you coordinate of course.

On request we help you to organize any prepurchase examination i.e examination, digital x-rays, blood analysis. A full examination with x-rays is about 300-600 Eur and is paid directly to the veterinarian. For customers who are looking to purchase geldings any of our stallions can be gelded on our farm in Madrid. We also assist with coordination of export to all countries in the world. 

If you have an iberian horse for sale you can contact us and we can discuss the best way to to make the horse available to our personal clients and international market. We can offer training of Your horse for sale and some clients has found it helpful to leave their new horse in training with us before he/she travels to new destiny. Our farm is located in El Escorial, Madrid (see Finca Vikinga).

Very welcome to call or email!

Viktoria Sandberg
Tel; 0034663396619


Vikinga bred stallions, mares and foals available/sold

Vikinga bred stallions, mares and foals available/sold - Vikinga Sales & Breeding

Latest Vikinga News;

Hidalgo VIK        SOLD to Norway 2020

Indigo VIK          SOLD to USA 2020

Judith VIK           SOLD to Sweden 2020

Nova VIK            SOLD to Denmark 2020

Polar VIK            SOLD to Sweden 2021

Llamativo VIK     Top class 2018 Perlino CrCr stallion by Fiero VIK - Picara PM

Ole VIK              Top class 2020 Smoky Cream stallion by Fiero VIK - Picara PM 

Runa VIK            SOLD to Sweden 2023 - Buckskin pearl CrPrl filly

Picara PM            SOLD to Sweden 2023 - Top broodmare



5 top studs on our Worldwide Breedingprogram!!

5 top studs on our Worldwide Breedingprogram!! - Vikinga Sales & Breeding

Vikingapre International Breedingprogram offers 5 genetic tresures for worldwide breeding!!

2024 News! Artico VIK available on fresh semen for Europe! 

ARTICO VIK - Genetically tested Bucskin Pearl PrlCr with first class dressage genetics! IALHA registered. 
Frozen semen stored in USA, Australia and Spain, available; EUROPE - USA - MÉXICO - AUSTRALIA

DONOSO VII - Calificado Grand Prix PRE Champion! IALHA registered. 
Frozen semen stored in USA, Australia and Spain, available; EUROPE - USA - AUSTRALIA

FIERO VIK - Buckskin with chestnut gene, 169cm, Championship merited, Donoso VII offspring!
Available lfrozen semen EUROPE - USA - AUSTRALIA

FESTIVO MR - Calificado Movement Champion SICAB!
Frozen semen available for Europe.

BRILLANTINO VIK - Palomino stud exported to Israel
Frozen semen available for Europe. 



DONOSO VII has left us - His offspring carry his legacy - Limited availability

Qualified Grand Prix PRE Champion Donoso VII has tragically left us 2018 1 month before his Grand Prix debute.
He will be available 2019 with the limited storage based in USA, Australia and Europe, reserve your booking in advance to secure your dosis. 

For more information visit Donoso's page and welcome to contact;

Follow Donoso VII offspring our facebook page Donoso VII & Offspring. 

See more Vikingapre studs here


DONOSO VII has left us - His offspring carry his legacy - Limited availability - Vikinga Sales & Breeding

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