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ARTICO VIK - Merited PRE championships & SICAB

ARTICO VIK - Merited PRE championships & SICAB - Yeguada Vikinga PRE

Born: 2013                                                              
Breeder: Yeguada Vikingapre 
Dam: Picara PM
Sire: Sol PM II
Colour; Perlino
Genecode; ggEEAaCrPrl
Height: 168 cm 
Breedingstatus; APTO 2016

Artico VIK - A genetic treasure for dressage PRE breeding in the most exclusive of the PRE colours!!

Artico is a unique stallion for PRE breeding and dressage and is now on our worldwide breedingprogram. 2016 he initiated his championship curriculum and was awarded 5th best 3 year old stallion and 2nd for best movements! He also participated in SICAB, spanish championships in Sevilla. 
Artico is a tall stallion with a strong totally correct physique and with exceptional movements. Being a descendant to Grand Prix stallion Gaucho III and his first class dam Picara PM via Revoltoso XXIX he has an excellent combination of pure racetype and sport genetics. Artico is selected by spains leading breedingstation/ breedingprogram and has frozen semen exported to USA, Australia. He is also available for mares in all countries in Europe and México. His rare colour perlino CrPrlp opens up possibility for the most interesting offspring with the genepool of strong competitive dressage line and the rarest colours including possibility of isabelo, the most rare colour of this race
. 2017 we saw his first offspring in Spain, France and Australia and we look very much forward to see the new ones in 2018

Genetically tested we can guarantee following colours to Artico's offspring; 
Black, smoky black, smoky cream, bay, buckskin, perla, grey, isabelo and perlino offspring, the result of course depending on the combination of the genetics of the mare. 
You are welcome to consult, if your mare is genetically tested, to predict your mares offspring in combination with Artico's chart. 

Artico VIK is on our worldwide breeding program available on FAI frozen semen in EUROPE, USA, MEXICO and AUSTRALIA

Guarantees/Conditions 2017;

- Frozen semen deposit in Australia, USA. Available for shipping from Spain to all EU countries and México. 
- Fresh semen quality tested and confirmed 2016, frozen confirmed 2017.
- 2016/2017; All mares confirmed pregancy on first insemination. 
- 2018 Booking reservation and fee due before delivery.

Prices Booking/Breedingfee; 
Contact for more information viktoria.vikingapre@gmail.com 

Artico VIK breedingpage facebook; https://www.facebook.com/articovikstudstallion/

Offspring Artico VIK
Link to facebook album; 

 - Yeguada Vikinga PRE

 - Yeguada Vikinga PRE

 - Yeguada Vikinga PRE

 - Yeguada Vikinga PRE
Yeguada Vikinga PRE

Yeguada Vikinga PRE